Taxi Abduction

Holy Taxi Abduction May 19, 2016– We all couldn’t fit. The subway was CRAMMED and pocket-pickers galore! On the South (arbitrary cardinal direction) outskirt of the metro subway station was a taxi pickup area where, supposedly, only the legit taxis could pick us up. We split ourselves up into a handful of four people per group […]

To See or Not to See: Hamlet Review

“There are more things in heaven and earth…than are dreamt of in your philosophy” until I saw Hamlet. For those that do not know, Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most illustrious plays. It tells a tragedy of a man named Hamlet seeking to avenge his father’s death, which ultimately leads to his own demise. Creation Theatre’s […]

Smitten by Britain

There are many cultural differences between America and England. For one there’s the money: The British and the Americans have many different cultural aspects, but one aspect in particular is the way the British use their money. Firstly, British pounds come in different colors, sizes and shapes. Taxes here are included, not added. Tipping is […]