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Rich Site Summary (RSS) has enable broad syndication of material.  RSS is what enables podcast subscriptions and apps like Feedly to work.  Before RSS, a user would need to go to the website to see if new information had been posted.  With RSS, the user could become a subscriber and have the content pushed to them when it was published.  You do not have to go see if the next episode of Serial is up, it comes to you, usually through a RSS feed agent.

On this form you will provide us with the URL to your site and give us your preferred user name.  You can also agree or disagree to allow us to syndicate your site to the main course site. This is not required and will not negatively impact your grade. If you do agree to syndicate your site content to the main site, then this will enable easily sharing of your reflections on the weekly exercise prompts.

Course Tags

The list below should be your starting point for tagging your content on your site. Required tags are noted for each assignment below. Feel free to create and add your own tags to posts.  All of your Categories and Tags that you add to your posts will be converted to tags on the main course site.

Help us keep the site organized by using tags on all posts.

Using Multiple Tags

Example of use: Florence, Reflection, Coffee

Required Course Tags

Culinary Journal 1: Rome

Culinary Journal 2: La Striscia Winery

Culinary Journal 3: Florence

Culinary Journal 4: La Buccianera Winery

Culinary Journal 5: Culinary Reflection

Culinary Journal 6: Coffee Roastery


Common tags
  • Wine – to denote posts related to Wine
  • Coffee – to denote posts related to Culture
  • Italy – to denote posts related to Italy
  • Olive Oil – post related to Olive Oil
  • Reflection – to denote reflections on your thoughts, ideas and experiences
Examples of potential tags

art, culture, color, vine, roast (Create them to fit your post)