Caffe River Visit

Last week our class got to tour a local coffee roastery called caffe River. I had seen this coffee around arezzo and I was excited to get to see behind the scenes for the first time! When we got there one of the owners greeted us and we all got to have an espresso shot. I have begun to really like espresso. I have always been a black coffee drinker and I truly see how much better coffee is here than most of America. After our espresso shots we went to the coffee bean “lab” where we learned how they check the quality of coffee beans. I learned that coffee produces red or yellow berries and that it can be hard to get the bean out of the berry. Caffe River checks the size of the beans and make sites there are no defects. Surprisingly I learned that even just one defect can spoil your cup of coffee. 

 Next we headed further into the plant and got to see the roaster. It was quite an amazing machine. The beans usually roast for about twenty minutes and then are cooked in the rotater. What was very interesting to me is that the beans have no flavor or smell to them until they undergo oxidation and mature. Luckily though coffee beans mature very quickly.

Next the coffee is weighed and cleaned through machines. The machines also sort the beans with light to get rid of any defected beans. Next the computer makes blends for the different coffees and are roasted homogenously. After it is blended it heads to the packaging department where it is packaged to be sent out. I really liked how dedicated the owner was to his company. You could really tell how passionate he was about making caffe River the best it could be and how he truly believes in his product. The visit definitely gave me more appreciation for coffee and the process it takes to get it from bean into my daily cup.

Coffee Roastery

Last week I had the pleasure of touring a coffee roastery of one of my favorite breakfast places in Arezzo called Coffee O’Clock. I literally eat there every morning. We started this tour by going into their coffee laboratory. This lab was quite small. While we were in the lab our tour guide told us

Coffee Roastery

I absolutely love coffee. I always have a cup right when I wake up, and depending on the day I will have two or three. It was awesome being able to see how the coffee is made and how much goes into it. I got the opportunity to tour Caffè River and learned about coffee and […]

Caffè River

The vision of Caffè River as stated on their website: “To be seen as excellent creators of value in the coffee industry, through constant innovation, superior organization, profound analysis and understanding of critical factors, passion for excellence.” I think Caffè River accurately and profoundly embodies their vision. Their values are also stated– innovation, excellence, responsibility, […]

Caffé River

“Here they come!!!” I can barely hear a word of the guide’s exclamation as thousands upon thousands of beans of the richest brown color spill out of the roaster exuding the distinct, heavenly smell of the Devil’s Drink—coffee. Welcome to Caffé River, one of the three large-scale coffee roasters in Arezzo. While its façade is…