Coffee Roastery

Last week I had the pleasure of touring a coffee roastery of one of my favorite breakfast places in Arezzo called Coffee O’Clock. I literally eat there every morning. We started this tour by going into their coffee laboratory. This lab was quite small. While we were in the lab our tour guide told us

Culinary Experience–Mariano’s

Hello friends! So I am going to write my culinary experience over my favorite restaurant in Arezzo called Mariano’s.  The first night we were in Arezzo the whole group went to Mariano’s. This restaurant is upscale than most and the owner/ chef is very personable. So the first night we ate at Mariano’s, Mariano himself came


Florence This past Saturday the organic class took a filed trip to Florence. We went to the Ufitiz and the Academia. I’m supposed to be writing about the culture of Italy and I feel like I covered it very heavily in my post about Rome. I honestly have zero idea what to type about. In

La Buccaneer Winery

  Play really cool awesome song so you can feel the words as you read 🙂 La Buccaneer Winery Last Friday the organic class took a field trip to La Buccaneer Winery that is located right outside of the city walls of Arezzo. When we got to the vineyard, we went inside and the vintner

Maya and Mara take on Rome

Before reading I HIGHLY encourage you to press play and then continue to read. Enjoy 😉 The last time I went to Rome was my senior year and it was just for fun. This time around I am with my best friend and observing the cultural aspects of this amazing culture. Even though I have been