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A Little Reflection

The older I get, the more I realize having a sheltered childhood might’ve been a blessing in disguise. Growing up not being able to go to sleepovers, not being allowed to play any sports, and missing out on a lot of other things the kids around me were participating in was definitely disappointing. I still […]

Australia – Thoughts on Travel

Well, I’ve been here for three weeks minus a few hours. I’ve probably done as more traveling in that time than I’ll get to for another month now that classes have started. Monash University has an amazing exchange/international student support team, and they set up some awesome trips for us. I’ve been into Melbourne’s city … Continue reading Australia – Thoughts on Travel

Australia – First Thoughts

I’ve been “down under” for just over three days now, and I’ve spent what seems like every minute of that time racing from one thing to the next – shopping, orientation, campus resident events, trips with other exchange students – the list goes on. But what keeps striking me on my second journey abroad is … Continue reading Australia – First Thoughts

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