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Taxi Abduction

Holy Taxi Abduction May 19, 2016– We all couldn’t fit. The subway was CRAMMED and pocket-pickers galore! On the South (arbitrary cardinal direction) outskirt of the metro subway station was a taxi pickup area where, supposedly, only the legit taxis could pick us up. We split ourselves up into a handful of four people per group […]


Mentoring this year has been an interesting experience. Our mentees were allowed to choose their mentors, so I was honestly surprised when five new GEFs chose me to mentor them, mainly because they were made aware in my bio that I would be abroad in Australia during their first semester at OU. I was super … Continue reading Mentoring

Global Engagement Day

On Global Engagement Day I attended the Fulbright/Peace Corps Prep session. I’ve been to so many Fulbright sessions that unfortunately, I didn’t get much new information from it, although the first-hand account from the speaker definitely got me excited to go (if I get accepted). The Peace Corps talk however, really interested me. I’m not … Continue reading Global Engagement Day

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