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Reflections from OU Cousins

Last night I got to go out one last time with my OU cousin. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, shared some wings and amazing fries and talked about the year. Nok complained about how huge the US is, and how she had to choose between going to California and visiting the Northeast instead. She … Continue reading Reflections from OU Cousins


In the days following the election, I felt like I was watching some kind of crazy TV drama every time I checked the news or walked across campus. I heard about elementary school kids telling their Hispanic, Latinx, and Middle Eastern classmates horrible things, I saw videos of people getting beaten in the streets over … Continue reading Reflections

Who Am I

I went to the opening performance of Who Am I to support my friend who was acting in it. As it turned out, that was the first time the play was ever performed on stage, and it was adapted by an OU professor from a novel. The plot was based on a mixture of Alice … Continue reading Who Am I

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