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East Coast Part I

This is going to be a several part post, because three weeks of independent travel doesn’t just fit into one or two posts, and that’s exactly how I spent the last three weeks, backpacking the east coast of Australia by bus and boat. I started at the northern end of the coast in Cairns, famous … Continue reading East Coast Part I


I’d never considered staying in a hostel until I started planning my travels in Australia. My mental image of them was one of old buildings with too many creaky, old bunks and questionably clean sheets crammed into a dingy room. And I imagined the people who commonly stayed in such places to be appropriately dingy … Continue reading Hostels

Uluru, Kata Tjuta, King’s Canyon

I’ve never been one for guided tours; I always felt like they were too touristy. You couldn’t do your own thing and really see what you want to see, and on top of it all you’re missing the local parts, the stuff you only find if you get lost in the area or wander a … Continue reading Uluru, Kata Tjuta, King’s Canyon

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