Ciao Bella!

Adieu Arezzo! Yesterday was the day I left Arezzo and here was how I made it to Oxford! 8:00 – Wake up. Pack. Leave landlady, Germana, a thank you gift 9:30 – Walk towards the train station 10:07 – board train: Roma Termini 1:00 – board the Leonardo Express 1:30 – Arrive at Fumucino Airport […]

The Deed is Done, the Doer(s) Undone

OCHEM in 4 weeks – 3 midterms – 19 quizzes and 2 finals. WERE FINALLY DONE If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a month long study abroad program of organic chemistry: it would be to pick up my feet when I walk. I’ve met some of the most authentic people on this trip that […]

Wine not?

Culinary Post #6: Cultural Reflection Who would’ve thought there was so much chemistry in the art of culinary especially in Italy. From the cutlureal wonders of the authentic Italian wine to the dark elixir of coffee beans straight from the venders themselves–I’ve expierenced the upmost culinary and cultural experience of italy in a month. Life living […]

Let the Games Begin (Arezzo Joust: 6/21/2016)

BOOM! The first canon goes off. The day has come–it’s only 11:45am and everyone in the city of Arezzo is gearing up for game day. All throughout the week, they have been pounding their drums and tooting their horns down the streets of the historic Arezzo barricaded in the wall. BOOM! Second canon strikes at […]