La Fattoria Winery

Più vino si prega! (More wine please!) When I first think of Italy, a few things come to mind– spaghetti, gelato, and wine– but specifically lots and lots of wine. Italy is one of the best-known wine places in the world. With this huge emphasis on wine, a beautiful emphasis on wineries exists as well. […]

Caffè River

The vision of Caffè River as stated on their website: “To be seen as excellent creators of value in the coffee industry, through constant innovation, superior organization, profound analysis and understanding of critical factors, passion for excellence.” I think Caffè River accurately and profoundly embodies their vision. Their values are also stated– innovation, excellence, responsibility, […]

Florence, Italy

“I’m going to Florence for the weekend.” How fun it was to get to take a weekend trip to such a fun city! One of my favorite things about Europe is how close all the countries are and how easy it is to get everywhere. Although the trains are very useful, Italian trains are much […]

La Buccianera Winery

La Buccianera Winery is an organic vineyard and winery north of Arezzo. They do not use pesticides on their grapes; they only use organic, natural materials. I really enjoyed this place because I love their choice to forgo using pesticides! Not to mention, the vineyard is beautiful as well. It is situated at the top of […]